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At Alden Law PC, our main objective is to offer you the level of service that fits your unique needs, whether it's forming a new business entity, negotiating startup funding or compensation agreements, or litigating a complex contractual or employment claim. We're happy to provide expert legal guidance in any of the areas outlined below. We are also experienced in a number of specialty areas across many industries that are incorporated into these core practice groups.


Business Entity Formation
Alden Law PC is experienced in forming and maintaining many types of business entities. We can help you form Partnerships, S and C Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Professional Corporations. We can also maintain your corporate records, serve as agents for service of process, and ensure your business is compliant with all applicable regulatory and licensing laws.


Emerging Companies & Startups
Alden Law PC represents entrepreneurs, startups, and emerging companies in the technology, marketing, mobileapp, and social media sectors. We assist clients with entity formation, TOS and licensing agreements, IP protection, shareholder agreements, employment and other compensation agreements, startup financing (debt financing, private equity, angel investment, venture capital transactions), acquisitions, funding, and joint ventures.


Commercial Transactions & Contracts
We negotiate and draft contracts for many different clients in a wide variety of cases. We can help you form a new purchase contract, a non-disclosure agreement, an employment agreement, a severance agreement, option contract, or loan agreements. We can also review and evaluate draft contracts, assignments, or settlement agreements, and provide you with all the relevant issues, liabilities, or and consequences to help you make a fully informed decision. When necessary, Alden Law PC will enforce your existing contract agreement in court or through arbitration or mediation.

Real Property Transactions
Alden Law PC can help solve residential and commercial real estate problems for borrowers, lenders, and others. We can assist in reviewing and drafting of real estate purchase and sale agreements, title reports, building department records, surveys and building plans, acquisition and closings, refinancing, leases, options to purchase, and other real estate transactions.
Business Disputes
Alden Law PC litigates cases on behalf of businesses and individuals involving business disputes among owners, partners, or shareholders arising out of written or oral contracts. We also handle defamation, unjust enrichment, and unfair competition claims, among others.


Business and Commercial Employment Issues
Alden Law PC can assist you with all of your corporate and commercial employment needs be they hiring a new contractor or employee, negotiating executive compensation agreements, preparing separation and severance documentation and advice, preparing your Employee Handbook and ensuring that your business complies with all relevant federal, state, and local employment laws.


Employment Litigation
Alden Law PC handles a wide variety of employment lawsuits, including wage and hour, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, whistleblower, and disability claims on behalf of employers. We also represent employers in retaliation and wrongful termination lawsuits. Alden Law PC can also help you negotiate a settlement of existing claims, assist and represent with Labor Commissioner 98(a) and other hearings, and counsel you to make preventative measures to lower your potential liability risk.


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